• Image of Teepee flags

5 flaggy ways to let everybody know you are playing and having fun with your teepee.
Wonderful Flags to put on top of your Teepee poles! And an excellent Christmas present together with the original Jack Rabbit Spring Teepee.

This is a original Teepee accessory to be used on the poles of the JRS teepee. When you put them on the teepee they will dance in the wind and it is just the cheerful sight everybody wants!

The flags are made out of sturdy cotton canvas and available in a set of 3 great classic colours: Petrol, Mustard and bourgondy. The set exists of 2 petrol, 2 bourgondy and 1 mustard flag.
They measure 20 cm ( 7,9 inch) by 30 cm ( 11,8 inch) and make a nice big flag.
The fabrics where bought on saturday april 20th on our local fabric market. I made the flags on the same afternoon to the music of Footloose. It was a bright and sunny afternoon. Just right