• Image of Adventure Teepee

Made from leftover fabric 100% unbleached cotton canvas.
Measurements: 1.5 meter in diameter or a whopping 60 inch. And 1.8 meter or a staggering 70.8 inch high.

The story
The best thing about being a child is building tents and hide-aways. Creating a hideaway for yourself is just fantastic. Even more if it is an original round teepee, based upon the real indian teepee's. No Square teepee's here!!!
Native american, or Indians used the teepee to be mobile. They travelled with their cattle and their people. They travelled up the mountains and viewed the valleys below. They wandered off to great plains and met amazing people. If you listen closely you can still hear the adventure.

* The round space inside the teepee is large enough for 2 or 3 children. Or for you and your child having a cup of tea.

* The Teepee is really easy to set up, even by a child. When it is on the poles it only takes 10 seconds and it's done.

* It is easy to fold and store. It only takes up a tiny space in a corner.

* To use indoors and outdoors. But remember the fabric is not waterproof!

* You can set it up using 5 bamboo poles to hold the teepee in it's place. The poles should be 175 cm long.

* The Teepee cover can be taken off to wash. Especially for the mums, Yeah!!

* This teepee has been handmade by JRS using highquality 100% cotton unbleached canvas.

* All you have to add is: your own poles of 175 cm long.

The teepee is sold without the poles to save on shipping!
With the step by step guide you can easily add your own poles at hardly any cost from your local garden centre.