We love what we do and we are very passionate about creating amazing items. We believe that an item that is made with care, love and attention is something to be proud of. So ....we will not sell mass produced items or items that have poor quality. Traditional quality is our pursuit and we really want every item to survive the test of time with you. We make goods that last, so each and every item is signed and dated. 

Over the years we learned, designed and lived. Now we are putting all this knowledge, love and soul back in our goods. We are proud of our goods because: It takes time to create a high quality item. Everything is hand made or handfinished by real people. People are important to us. 


Imagine you are in a museum. You know that little exhibition label next to the item or painting that explains where the item has come from or where it has been, who made it and from what material and maybe even to whom it belonged. That little label we love. That label belongs to that one item only. We put a label on each and every item we sell and we tell you all we know about the history of that one item. And maybe a little more, because we love a good story. 


 We collect old stuff, vintage fabrics, recycle things and create new stories made from the old. Our goods have plenty of stories to tell you about life, hardship, love and adventures. Just read the words. The materials we use can be old and worn. We love that look and use it in the design. So any loose threads are ment to be there. They are part of the story. We started the story and we want you to finish it.  

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